Day Seven

Glaisdale – Robin Hoods Bay

Elevation Gain 687M | Miles 23

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Glaisdale moor makes for some decent running, with pretty clear tracks to follow a good pace can be kept up for a while, also fuelled by the knowledge that this is the last day of the Coast to Coast journey. A fact that while inspires it also bring with it a sense of sadness as this is the last bit, the last leg of an amazing run across England through some of the most stunning landscapes.

Continuing the run through Glaisdale down a few very steep roads until reaching the Arncliffe Arms at which point you head straight down a rocky little hidden track by the side of the pub over a little footpath bridge and through into forest along tracks and once again paths made from large heavily worn stones. out onto roads again before heading off on well tended tracks until reaching the small town of Grosmont where you’er met with a 33% climb up a tarmac road onto sleights moor and at this point you can see the Abbey in Whitby. After crossing the main road to Pickering and Whitby the A169, you’re off again across moorland and down to a place called Little Beck where you wade through a traditional Ford and then start once again to climb up until you reach the entrance to woodland, this is an amazing run along tracks through the forest alongside the river. You then come across ‘The Hermitage’ before continuing on through to Maybeck where you switch back on yourself and climb up and are presented with views of the treetops of the forest you’ve just run through.

Again you’re up one the moors and well on your way to your final destination Robin Hoods Bay, the moors along the coastal paths are quite harsh and barren but again allow you to keep a decent pace up. A quick downhill section through a leafy covered path take you down to the main road into the bay. (this bit will be completed once the final 7in7 has been completed)