Day Three

Haweswater – Kirkby Steven

Elevation Gain 959M | Miles 27

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Leaving Haweswater and heading out towards Shap, the landscape changes dramatically, from running over mountain tracks and trails, you now find yourself cutting through farmers fields and coursing along lanes and roads,  strangely missing the hills and harder climbs of the previous days. Upon reaching Shap a lovely little town, there’s a strange cut through a school playground/field eventually leading to the crossing point of the M6 Motorway.

After making the quick run across the motorway bridge, there’s a steady climb up over and alongside the M6 for a while, after this the run levels out for a while and stays pretty flat, well flat’ish. You eventually drop down into a valley only to then start climbing once again up through fields and along quite defined tracks through the occasional farmyard until eventually reaching Kirkby Stephen for a well earned rest.